Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wow! I can't believe how big he is getting! already 10 weeks old and 13.2lbs and 25 inches long, the Dr. said he is in the 90% of his weight and height chart. I could just eat him up. He was smiling at his Aunt Holly today in Orlando, Holly and Justin had their first wedding shower and last friday was her Birthday, so we went and spent the day with her, I miss her so much...but i know she is happy, and that makes it easier on me. Well time to go to bed...sweet dreams...

Saturday, December 6, 2008


One of the Sweetest Days in my life, Loren and Josh dedicated Mason today and he had three sets of grandparents there and we all got to place our hands on him as the Bro Rodney prayed over Mason. During the prayer I looked up at Mason to see that a tear had fallen from his precious mama's face and onto Mason's little forehead ...I will never forget that moment...I hope God has Big plans for Mason.

My Little Angel

I have been playing with my photoshop program, I bought "photoshop for dummies" so i have been experimenting with it and having alot of fun, I have so much to learn... My little Angel is already 8 weeks old and growing so fast I can't believe it "Seem like Yesterday" that we brought him home from the hospital. I haven't been scrapbooking much but i have been taking alot of pictures, I really do need some motivation...Bruce bought me the Cricut Expressions for Christmas today but I can't open it till the 24th, I can' t wait! But I am still having a problem trying to get started I've got so many projects started and just can't seem to get focused on one thing and get it finished...I Need Help! Well I hope you like my pictures, I got more to post...